My personal lib
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It's my personal C/C++ library

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New Features !

  • AES and RSA encryption functions
  • Add Doxygen doc
  • New linker
  • Add OpenCL and CUDA programs
  • New CRC32 and JAMCRC algo
  • GTA SA alternate cheats codes finder, via Brute force: JAMCRC collisions generator (WIP)
  • CPack with package installer for Debian, Manjaro, Fedora ect...


BenLib uses a number of open source projects to work properly:

  • Clang - Clang 10.0 compiler (or GCC 10 min)
  • CUDA - Nvidia CUDA libs and NVCC compiler
  • SFML - Graphic lib
  • OpenCV - Load and image processing
  • Boost - Make units tests and others things :)
  • OpenGL - OpenGL lib.
  • Qt - Qt lib.
  • CMake - Build system.
  • OpenMP - Multi-threading lib. (Not mandatory but really recommended !)
  • OpenCL - Is a framework for GPGUP
  • Docker - Container system (if you use it).
  • TLO - Linker (To replace gold linker)

You can see my public repository on GitHub, and can see my public repository on GitLab.

Building for source

You need to install SFML, OpenCV, BoostLib, OpenGL lib, Qt 5.12 or newer, GCC and G++ (With C++17 support), before build.

git clone
cd BenLib
git submodule update --init --recursive

For production release:


For minisize release:


For debug release:


For converage release:



You must install docker (and docker-compose maybe in later update)

To run docker builder_test :


To export images from docker builder_test (Without builds):


You can see builds on build_docker/


  • Write MORE Tests
  • Continue dev. :D


MIT License

Free Software forever !