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Collection of useful scripts for Linux (Over 200 scripts)

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You need Linux distribution like Ubuntu, Manjaro or Debian

git clone --recurse-submodules --remote-submodules
cd scripts

Or Released version

Check dependency (optional):

make check-dep

And install:

make install


make uninstall




Directory Infos More
git git scripts Useful scripts for git
docker-scripts docker scripts Useful scripts for docker
linux linux scripts infosystem, hash, uuid, cleaning, grub ect...
partition partition scripts LUKS, tmpfs ect...
file files scripts rsync, compress ect...
Bash-Snippets Bash-Snippets Useful scripts
git/git-extras git-extras GIT utilities
git/git-extra-commands git-extra-commands A collection of git utilities and useful extra git scriptse)
git/git-scripts git-scripts A collection of bash scripts by jwiegley for git
shell-scripts shell-scripts A collection of shell scripts.
archive archive scripts 7z, xz
development development scripts For cmake, ninja, clang-format...
cryptography/cryptr cryptr To crypt files with AES
cryptography/gpg-encrypt gpg-encrypt script Crypt files with GPG
internet/spoofpoint spoofpoint Spoofpoint is a domain monitoring tool that allows you to check a single domain or a list of domains to see if they exist.
video video scripts ffmpeg, nvenc, youtube-dl ect...
image image scripts ffmpeg, cwebp ect...
debian debian scripts apt, cleaning ect...
archlinux archlinux scripts pacman, cleaning ect...
bash-scripts bash-scripts A collection of bash scripts by jrussellfreelance


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MIT License

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