Grammar and clarity fixes

Type Music is an excellent VS Code extension! Love it!!!
The English README deserves to be better, hence this commit.

Type Music 是一个很棒的 VS Code 插件!爱死了!!!
英文 README 还可以更好,所以我来 commit 一下。
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# Type Music
When you are typing, there will be ring out a beautiful background music.
As code streams down from under your cursor, so does the beautiful background music~
Notes will automatically sprang out as you type and quiet down when you pause.
Pick a playlist of your favorite tracks!
## Features
- Typing with beautiful music
- Custom your own music playlist
- Type with beautiful music.
- Customize a playlist. Pick and play your favorites!
## Note
Now,only supported macos.Windows will be coming soon.
Now supported only on Mac OS. Support for Windows is coming soon!
Currently supporting only ```.MP3``` files.
## How to use
## How to Use
Just search "Type Music",install and typing~
Just search "Type Music", click install and enjoy every click on your keys~
## How to Close
## How to Toggle
Type command ```Toggle Typing Music```
## Commands
- ```Toggle Typing Music``` will open or close typing background music.default the typing music is opened.
- ```Next Music Of Current Typeing Music Playlist```,will play next music at your current playlist.
- ```Add Music You Liked To Typing Music``` will open the music directors that stored your personal liked,you can drop some music you liked to here.
- ```Choose Playlist``` will show the list of your local,you can choose one.
- ```Open Typing Music Playlist Folers```,will open the playlist in your finder,every subfolds will be a playlist,the subfolds expect some ```.mp3```files.
- ```Toggle Typing Music``` will turn on or off the typing background music. By default the music is on.
- ```Next Music Of Current Typeing Music Playlist``` will play the next track in your current playlist.
- ```Add Music You Liked To Typing Music``` will open the directory that stores your personal favorites. You can add music to your favorites by draging-and-dropping any track you like into this directory.
- ```Choose Playlist``` will display a list of your local playlists from which you can pick one.
- ```Open Typing Music Playlist Folers``` will open the directory containing all playlists in your finder. Each subdirectory is a playlist. Only ```.MP3``` files in the subfolders can be played.
## Requirements
Mac OS.
## Known Issues
@ -39,20 +45,20 @@ Macos.
### 0.0.1
Initial release of mac.
- Initial release for Mac OS
### 0.0.2
- Add Custom Playlist
- Support Next Music
- Allow creation of custom playlists
- Support next music
### 0.0.3
- fix next music bug
- Fix next music bug
## Thanks
## Special thanks
Inspired by <>