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Rick 6e0be77ed9
Add me as publisher 3 years ago
Rick 312f2a1849
Fix player for Linux 3 years ago
xiaomingplus b2beb5f276
Merge pull request #7 from StevenLu2004/master
英文 README 语法和表达更正 English README Grammar and clarity fixes
4 years ago
Tongyu Lu 1f304486a7
Grammar and clarity fixes
Type Music is an excellent VS Code extension! Love it!!!
The English README deserves to be better, hence this commit.

Type Music 是一个很棒的 VS Code 插件!爱死了!!!
英文 README 还可以更好,所以我来 commit 一下。
4 years ago
xiaomingplus 838ad052ee
fix readme cn link 5 years ago
guobaoyang d8a93e84d3 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/xiaomingplus/type-music 5 years ago
guobaoyang 20d5bbee00 for readme and up version 5 years ago
xiaomingplus 6164a0cf3f
Merge pull request #5 from xiaomingplus/develop
for fix autonext bug
5 years ago
guobaoyang 25361e1d48 for fix autonext bug 5 years ago
xiaomingplus 534652bac8 for zh readme 5 years ago
xiaomingplus c66aef75af for zh readme 5 years ago
xiaomingplus 86f289fee2 for support custome music playlist 5 years ago
guobaoyang 8456ecbada for fix readme 5 years ago
guobaoyang 275b98461f for add features 5 years ago
guobaoyang 65a70ac460 for add customer list support 5 years ago
xiaomingplus 81c4003a98 for package 5 years ago
xiaomingplus fa72d90ee7 for add icon 5 years ago
xiaomingplus b3677e9598 for add music 5 years ago
xiaomingplus b4c8cc6121 for init 5 years ago