57 Commits (59a7f4127c66420f6eb8480d0f2d8f07a2c18d4b)

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  Romain J 59a7f4127c Merge branch 'master' of https://git.gnous.eu/gnouseu/gnousdoteu 3 weeks ago
  Romain J 3f7e775526 update(assets): change gnous logo 3 weeks ago
  Romain J eeaaa8a1cc feat(template): add image and name clickable as asked in #18 (close #18) 3 weeks ago
  Romain J 9945101e1e feat(url): add /donate as alias to /tips 3 weeks ago
  Mael G. cc762ba202
Bigger logo size 1 month ago
  Mael G. 48dc1afd3a
Wrong favicon file name 1 month ago
  Mael G. d7036399b8
New logo for GnousEU 1 month ago
  Romain J 277342140c fix(static): fix not loading statics files 5 months ago
  Romain J d8895530d1 fix(google): remove all google occurences 5 months ago
  Romain J 6165657ad9 fix(all): close #1, close #3, close #13, close #14 5 months ago
  Romain J 10b0e0c37a fix(sidebar): fix sidebar not working, remove unused classes, close #2 5 months ago
  Romain J 0fb14fff16 feat(partner): add partner to DB 5 months ago
  Romain J 12a35c3fbc fix(cookie): fix shitty cookie banner 5 months ago
  Romain J a30b4841e8 fix(perf): optimize imports and loading time, close #15) 5 months ago
  Romain J c2bf86c592 fix(i18n): fix translations in about page (close #5 (yes, again (yes, again yes again))) 5 months ago
  Romain J fd9756e153 fix(i18n): fix translations in about page (close #5 (yes, again)) 5 months ago
  Rick 0b45ad7223
Modification à propos, close #5 6 months ago
  Romain J 231fd9ceed fix(links): fix broken link 6 months ago
  Romain J 1b36d3fa98 perf(loading): load minified assets 6 months ago
  Romain J 9051fac4db change(SEO): add missing title 6 months ago
  Romain J 03702f163a change(SEO): set custom title to each page 6 months ago
  Romain J 6ac8b27f25 feat(SEO): add metatags fixes #11 6 months ago
  Romain J a42f9c3931 feat(uwsgi): add uwsgi config for prod deployment 6 months ago
  Romain J c22203cd4d fix(i18n): fix translation 6 months ago
  Romain J 829dbc9402 style(settings): move important settings in other file 6 months ago
  Romain J bf16a7ebfb fix(i18n): fix i18n for services's labels 6 months ago
  Romain J 4be392e35f feat(footer): add commit version in footer 6 months ago
  Romain J bbd3eff9dc fix(noscript): try to fix if javascript is disabled 6 months ago
  Romain J d52eccd795 feat(i18n): add possibility to set english description for services 6 months ago
  Romain J 20e623ea39 fix(frontend): change links button for services 6 months ago
  Romain J 8389af6c6e perf(storage): move theme choice to localstorage 6 months ago
  Romain J e240980d48 fix(frontend): fix non saving theme 6 months ago
  Romain J fd0b936f67 fix(frontend): fix white cards on dark theme, fix #7 6 months ago
  Romain J 209bac50d7 perf(statics): delete useless statics files 6 months ago
  Romain J aeb3898ca9 fix(frontend): fix persistent cookie banner, close #4 6 months ago
  Rick dd04b0759f
Add cookies’s warning in uk 6 months ago
  Rick 7468c81944
Change text of cookies’s warning 6 months ago
  Romain J 6a0c475f74 feat(assets): add statuc & media dirs 6 months ago
  Romain J a489034746 first commit for v2 6 months ago
  Mael G. e1b7112e43 fix 7 months ago
  Mael G. 8283e676bb text 8 months ago
  Mael G. 9485f3748b new services 8 months ago
  Mael G. 09003a3048 new screens 9 months ago
  Mael G. b384f74cf5 js fix 9 months ago
  Mael G. 43d391dd42 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.gnous.eu/gnouseu/gnousdoteu 9 months ago
  Mael G. a390ce4e3c 404 9 months ago
  Gitea e5dd8bbe84 readme fix 10 months ago
  Mael G. 0c75051a3d
Json fix 1 year ago
  Mael G. 8f2efd5e4d
New dc 1 year ago
  Mael G. a6bca90c3b Tipeee link 1 year ago