Epelez avec la voix de Thierry Beccaro de Motus ! (en PHP) https://beccaro.outout.xyz/
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Spell a word with the beautiful voice of the famous Thierry Beccaro from the famous Motus french TV Show !


Requirements :

To deploy this website you need :

  1. PHP7.1 or higher
  2. Composer (only for developpement)
  3. A webserver (NGINX is recommanded)
  4. At least 1.5 Gb of hard drive
  5. Git

Installation :

  • Clone the Git repository : git clone https://git.gnous.eu/mael/BeccaroSpell

  • Make our webserver pointing to public folder. The main folder should’nt be accessible.

  • Reload your webserver and check if all is working

License :

This project is under WTFPL license