Web looking glass for FRRouting
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Graphic Looking Glass

GLG is a Python web looking glass for routers using FRRouting.


  • Linux server
  • Python 3.7+ with pip3 & python3-venv
  • git
  • graphviz
  • Internet connectivity
  • SSH client


git clone https://git.gnous.eu/mael/GraphicLG  /opt/GraphicLG #Clone the repository
cd /opt/GraphicLG
python3 -m venv graphiclgenv #Create venv
source graphiclgenv/bin/activate #Enter the venv
pip3 install -r requirements.txt #Install requirements
mv config.py.example config.py #Copy config and edit it !
deactivate #Exit venv
sudo mv /opt/GraphicLG/graphiclg.service /etc/systemd/system/graphiclg.service
sudo useradd -r graphiclg #Create the graphiclg system account 
sudo chown -R graphiclg:graphiclg /opt/GraphicLG/ 
sudo systemctl start graphiclg #Start GraphicLG service
sudo systemctl enable graphiclg #Enable GraphicLG on system startup


  • Better Readme / Production guide
  • Other router support
  • Theming