2837 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
morg 5da85adb90 Add support for ASUS ROG STRIX 3060 12G GAMING 11 hours ago
Flora Aubry 30c1168e1c Hide bottom buttons when a plugin tab is shown 11 hours ago
Codename-Antares f85dd617d3 Initial Support for Razer Thunderbolt 4 Dock Chroma 1 day ago
flora cf25ccb304 Fixing margin for plugincontainer 1 day ago
Peter Vazny f8d7eb8bb8 Fixes layout detection for Lenovo Legion 7S 2 days ago
Chris d67acee002 Simplfying the Git commands in the project file 2 days ago
Chris 86f0ab888d Adding Malaysian translation ms_MY 3 days ago
thombo cf610fa559 MSI boards 7C87 and 7D67 added 3 days ago
Chris 612c809b75 Initial commit for the Logitech G633 to resolve #2911 4 days ago
Mola19 c2c9b3aa99 fixing Roccat Vulcan 120-Series Aimo US layout key map 6 days ago
TheRogueZeta 7a7cea1e1e Initial commit for EVGA RTX 2070 XC Black device ID 6 days ago
Adam Honse 032d22b7ca Add PNY XLR8 Revel EPIC-X RTX 3060 and RTX 3070 6 days ago
Gustavo Parreira 7892713683 feat: Roccat Kova support 7 days ago
Mola19 790abdd9c0 adding hardware modes and layout detection to Asus ROG Falchion to resolve #2732 1 week ago
Chris M 34cb864147 Adding New Fusion2 USB board layout to resolve #2923 1 week ago
flora e30469adc4 Support for Gigabyte 3090 Vision OC 1 week ago
Chris 5c4c4479bf Initial commit for Gigabyte RTX3080Ti Eagle OC 12G 1 week ago
Chris M ec531bd9fc Correcting defined hex for Lian Li Uni Hub to resolve #2916 1 week ago
Chris M 701cc4d0b3 Initial commit for Gigabyte RTX3070 Eagle V2 OC 8G LHR 1 week ago
TheRogueZeta faa6a5060b Initial commit for Colorful iGame 3070 Ultra W OC device ID 1 week ago
TheRogueZeta c0be45182b Initial commit for ASUS ROG STRIX RX 6700XT O12G GAMING 1 week ago
Adam Honse b3da8beccf Remove device listing step from tests, as it can hang when using runner machines which actually have devices present if those devices lock up 1 week ago
Adam Honse d625021eca Increment version number post-release 1 week ago
Adam Honse fb88964b8e OpenRGB version 0.8 2 weeks ago
Chris 18806706bd Swapping the Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional language labels. 2 weeks ago
TheRogueZeta b32bc8ac01 Reduce logging level of the plugin directory 2 weeks ago
TheRogueZeta ed123e8439 Add alternate ID for ASUS ROG-STRIX-RTX2080TI-11G-GAMING 2 weeks ago
Adam Honse 428692fa3a Basic i2c 2 weeks ago
Alexey Sokolov e0be60de21 Add ability for distro packagers to load plugins from package manager 2 weeks ago
flora 6da8171257 Support for MSI 6950XT NAVI21_DEV3 2 weeks ago
Flora Aubry 47a194e8cf Added missing french translations 2 weeks ago
Chris cdfaaceb7d Adding code to select the "System Default" language on first run. 2 weeks ago
Chris 0e96effc94 Adding `Wave` mode to Razer Mamba Elite to resolve #2874 2 weeks ago
Adam Honse 81cb2cb2bf Update README.md with changes from !1412 2 weeks ago
Adam Honse be90537d10 Fix warnings 2 weeks ago
Adam Honse 755ce20794 Fix 180 LED issue with SRGBMods Pi Pico controller 2 weeks ago
Adam Honse a7c2b7bd2c Fix MacOS build and incorrect string format in language change log 2 weeks ago
Chris 2e02f1d782 Adding ability to switch language files at runtime to resolve #2743 2 weeks ago
Adam Honse 530d667328 Add second SRGBMods Pi Pico string for updated code 2 weeks ago
TheRogueZeta 1c8b3a2d49 Add Asus TUF 6900XT T16G device ID 2 weeks ago
Aitor Astorga b2c3656b75 Implements MSI PRO B650M-A WIFI motherboard 2 weeks ago
thombo 0aabae5f41 New MSI boards 7D69, 7D91 and 7E06 added, direct mode for 7C81 enabled 2 weeks ago
TheRogueZeta 8f89863ab9 Update name for Gigabyte AORUS RTX2080 SUPER 8G Rev 1.0 2 weeks ago
flora 5b2016729b Fixed plugin link not opening 2 weeks ago
Chris 5912683ce7 Adding link to OpenRGB.org plugins in Plugin settings 2 weeks ago
Adam Honse 248b3e85b6 Don't delete the controller pointer in DeviceView destructor 2 weeks ago
TheRogueZeta c4d11993b6 Add logging for ADL GPU device ID's 2 weeks ago
Chris 7f6599658d Small fixes to the OpenRGB.pro file to improve list order 2 weeks ago
Chris 04127cb201 Resolves `clamp is not a member of std` error reintroduced in f8745221. 2 weeks ago
Chris 085e1fca41 Initial commit for the Steelseries Apex 3 TKL to resolve #1902 2 weeks ago