28 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
morg f7f41596cc Multilanguage support using I18n (German, Spanish, French, Russian) 3 days ago
Nikita Rushmanov 79b49873ec Add Nanoleaf support 3 weeks ago
alpemwarrior 1ac4e127cb Create fedora 36 pipeline and deprecate f34 pipeline in favour of f35 1 month ago
Chris bc10e3f772 Automatic generation of udev rules for supported devices 1 month ago
Adam Honse 6ca090d5f4 Use Bullseye OpenRGB builder image to build AppImages and Debian Bullseye .deb packages 5 months ago
Adam Honse f093a66057 Remove Ubuntu 20.10 test stage as 20.10 (groovy) has been removed from Ubuntu's official repos 5 months ago
Adam Honse 9a00f1d6d8 Fix CI for Philips Hue changes 12 months ago
Adam Honse 2aaf7017ee Philips Hue (Standard and Entertainment Mode) Support using hueplusplus library 12 months ago
Chris 4a6c4f0e52 Adding test stages to Linux builds 1 year ago
alpemwarrior a6bc30a31c Add 64-bit .rpm package build to CI for Fedora. 1 year ago
Adam Honse 30623b36fd Use Debian Bullseye for CI builds 1 year ago
TheRogueZeta 95f40039eb Correct errant hyphen with underscore and update CI names 1 year ago
TheRogueZeta cd8e455b79 Update CI config to rename artifacts.zip with build info 1 year ago
TheRogueZeta 9789ac0fde Remove 7z compression on Windows builds 1 year ago
Adam Honse 33957755c3 Use arch x86_64 1 year ago
Adam Honse bac68ee861 Check MacOS architecture and add Intel MacOS build target 1 year ago
Luca Lovisa 00a47f600c Restrict MacOS build to original project 1 year ago
Adam Honse 22d73da536 Add MacOS target to CI 1 year ago
Adam Honse 99dfeef77c Use a mirror for Qt download because download.qt.io is down 1 year ago
Chris e7dc95313f Changing the Linux executable (only) to lowercase openrgb 2 years ago
Chris M 6ec7901038 Build Debian packages with CI 2 years ago
Adam Honse 88a96cd0c2 Expire CI builds after 30 days 2 years ago
Adam Honse b3a7b7be81 Add 32-bit AppImage build target 2 years ago
Adam Honse ac071902c0 Fix MSVC paths from 2017 to 2019 upgrade 2 years ago
Adam Honse 62a4cd31c5 Update QT path for GitLab CI 2 years ago
Adam Honse 8ecabb0789 Add 32-bit GitLab CI build target for Windows 2 years ago
B Horn bc6487505a Adding scripts and tooling to build an AppImage 2 years ago
Swyter d3162ea2e8 Initial version of the MSVC/Qt5 GitLab buildbot. On Windows also copy inpoutx64.dll and libusb-1.0.dll to the final destination and use intermediate build folders to get rid of the cruft. 2 years ago