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| NetworkClient.h |
| |
| Client header for OpenRGB SDK |
| |
| Adam Honse (CalcProgrammer1) 5/9/2020 |
#include "RGBController.h"
#include "NetworkProtocol.h"
#include "net_port.h"
#include <mutex>
#include <thread>
#pragma once
typedef void (*NetClientCallback)(void *);
class NetworkClient
NetworkClient(std::vector<RGBController *>& control);
void ClientInfoChanged();
bool GetConnected();
const char * GetIP();
unsigned short GetPort();
unsigned int GetProtocolVersion();
bool GetOnline();
void ClearCallbacks();
void RegisterClientInfoChangeCallback(NetClientCallback new_callback, void * new_callback_arg);
void SetIP(const char *new_ip);
void SetName(const char *new_name);
void SetPort(unsigned short new_port);
void StartClient();
void StopClient();
void ConnectionThreadFunction();
void ListenThreadFunction();
void WaitOnControllerData();
void ProcessReply_ControllerCount(unsigned int data_size, char * data);
void ProcessReply_ControllerData(unsigned int data_size, char * data, unsigned int dev_idx);
void ProcessReply_ProtocolVersion(unsigned int data_size, char * data);
void ProcessRequest_DeviceListChanged();
void SendData_ClientString();
void SendRequest_ControllerCount();
void SendRequest_ControllerData(unsigned int dev_idx);
void SendRequest_ProtocolVersion();
void SendRequest_RGBController_ResizeZone(unsigned int dev_idx, int zone, int new_size);
void SendRequest_RGBController_UpdateLEDs(unsigned int dev_idx, unsigned char * data, unsigned int size);
void SendRequest_RGBController_UpdateZoneLEDs(unsigned int dev_idx, unsigned char * data, unsigned int size);
void SendRequest_RGBController_UpdateSingleLED(unsigned int dev_idx, unsigned char * data, unsigned int size);
void SendRequest_RGBController_SetCustomMode(unsigned int dev_idx);
void SendRequest_RGBController_UpdateMode(unsigned int dev_idx, unsigned char * data, unsigned int size);
void SendRequest_RGBController_SaveMode(unsigned int dev_idx, unsigned char * data, unsigned int size);
std::vector<std::string> * ProcessReply_ProfileList(unsigned int data_size, char * data);
void SendRequest_GetProfileList();
void SendRequest_LoadProfile(std::string profile_name);
void SendRequest_SaveProfile(std::string profile_name);
void SendRequest_DeleteProfile(std::string profile_name);
std::vector<RGBController *> server_controllers;
std::mutex ControllerListMutex;
std::vector<RGBController *>& controllers;
SOCKET client_sock;
std::string client_name;
net_port port;
char port_ip[20];
unsigned short port_num;
bool client_active;
bool controller_data_received;
bool server_connected;
bool server_initialized;
unsigned int server_controller_count;
bool server_controller_count_received;
unsigned int server_protocol_version;
bool server_protocol_version_received;
bool change_in_progress;
std::thread * ConnectionThread;
std::thread * ListenThread;
std::mutex ClientInfoChangeMutex;
std::vector<NetClientCallback> ClientInfoChangeCallbacks;
std::vector<void *> ClientInfoChangeCallbackArgs;
int recv_select(SOCKET s, char *buf, int len, int flags);