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#pragma once
#include "OpenRGBPluginInterface.h"
#include "ResourceManager.h"
#include <QPluginLoader>
#include <QLabel>
#include <QtPlugin>
#include <QDir>
#include <string>
#include <iostream>
typedef struct
OpenRGBPluginInfo info;
OpenRGBPluginInterface* plugin;
QPluginLoader* loader;
bool loaded;
QWidget* widget;
QMenu* traymenu;
std::string path;
bool enabled;
} OpenRGBPluginEntry;
typedef void (*AddPluginCallback)(void *, OpenRGBPluginEntry* plugin);
typedef void (*RemovePluginCallback)(void *, OpenRGBPluginEntry* plugin);
class PluginManager
PluginManager(bool dark_theme);
void RegisterAddPluginCallback(AddPluginCallback new_callback, void * new_callback_arg);
void RegisterRemovePluginCallback(RemovePluginCallback new_callback, void * new_callback_arg);
void ScanAndLoadPlugins();
void AddPlugin(std::string path);
void RemovePlugin(std::string path);
void LoadPlugin(std::string path);
void UnloadPlugin(std::string path);
void UnloadPlugins();
std::vector<OpenRGBPluginEntry> ActivePlugins;
bool dark_theme;
AddPluginCallback AddPluginCallbackVal;
void * AddPluginCallbackArg;
RemovePluginCallback RemovePluginCallbackVal;
void * RemovePluginCallbackArg;