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Chris 3d469e78f5 Adding failure logging to DMI info 1 month ago
CRCpp Add support for Sony DualShock 4 (manual merge of !160) 1 year ago
ColorWheel Fix Hue box not updating when set all is used 11 months ago
NVFC Clean up NvAPI I2C code and allow multiple GPUs 2 years ago
Swatches Fix swatch adding when clicking black swatch 6 months ago
display-library/include AMD ADL Windows 2 years ago
hidapi Redragon M709 and K556 development 2 years ago
hidapi-win Fix issues preventing hidapi from working without WinUSB on Windows 2 years ago
hueplusplus-1.0.0 Disable parsing certificate, it doesn't appear to be necessary to control Hue and prevents build on older mbedtls releases 8 months ago
inpout32_1501 Support 64-bit Windows builds 2 years ago
json Update Wiz controller to use JSON library, receive firmware information from device 1 year ago
libcmmk Adding LED#s for the Diaeresis and Circumflex to the Pro S ISO Layout 4 months ago
libe131/src Remove libe131 submodule and add necessary files to main repo. Fixes Gitlab automatic packaging issue 2 years ago
libusb-1.0.22 Add Aura X570 interface number workaround to libusb DLLs 2 years ago
mbedtls-2.24.0 Philips Hue (Standard and Entertainment Mode) Support using hueplusplus library 8 months ago
openrazer-win32 Update OpenRazer-win32 to OpenRazer commit 1316cb9 10 months ago
dmiinfo.cpp Adding failure logging to DMI info 1 month ago
dmiinfo.h Adding failure logging to DMI info 1 month ago