Knot configuration for all slaves.
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Knot configuration @

Server deployment

sudo apt update
sudo apt install knot 
sudo chown knot: -R /var/lib/knot
rm /etc/knot/ -r 
git clone
service knot restart 
service knot status

After that add the A and AAAA entries in the Zone & create the GLUE records. Update your zone configuration in PowerDNS to add the new created nameservers.

Server update

After a new zone on each NS server

cd /etc/knot
git pull
service knot reload
service knot status

Nameserver list

  • | PowerDNS master @ Vultr | IPv4 + IPv6
  • | Knot slave @ Azure FR | IPv4
  • | Knot slave @ Azure South UK | IPv4
  • | Knot slave @ KMH Canada | IPv4
  • | Knot slave @ KMH Canada on EnPLS Network | IPv6
  • | Knot slave @ OVH France | IPv4
  • | Knot slave @ Milkywan | IPv4 + IPv6
  • | Knot slave @ Milkywan on EnPLS Network | IPv6