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@ -43,13 +43,14 @@ Variables names are case sensitives.
|IP|string|``":"``|IP address on which the DNS server must listen. Blank to listen on all IPs
|Port|int|``5353``|Port on which the DNS server must listen
|Logfile|bool|``true``|Enable or disable file logs.
|Logdir|string|``/var/log``|Log file directory.
|Type|string|``"postgresql"``|SQL Database type. ``"postgresql"`` or ``"mysql"`` (anything different than ``"postgresql"`` will rollback to ``"mysql"``)
|Host|string|``""`` ``"/var/run/postgres"``|Can be either an IP or a path to a socket for Postgres
|Username|string|``"sacrebleu"``|SQL Database Username
|Password|string|``"superSecretPassword"``|SQL Database Password (optional)
|Port|string|``"5432"``|SQL Database port (``"5432"`` for postgres or ``"3306"`` for MySQL by default)
|Db|string|``"sacrebleudatabase"``|SQL Database Name
|DB|string|``"sacrebleudatabase"``|SQL Database Name
|IP|string|``""``|Redis Database IP
|Password|string|``""``|Redis Database Password