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# Sacrebleu
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Sacrebleu is a DNS authoritative nameserver made in Go with ```` library.
Records are stored in a SQL Database and cached using Redis.
This software requires a SQL server and a Redis server.
This software is currently in development and NOT ready for production.
## Installation
### Automated install
Each release contains a RPM and DEB package.
- [Download the latest package]( compatible with your system
- Edit the config file in ``/etc/sacrebleu/config-dns.ini``
- Launch the database migration with ``sacrebleu-dns -sqlmigrate -config /etc/sacrebleu/config-dns.ini``
- Start the service ``systemctl start sacrebleu-dns``
### Manual Install
- [Download the latest release]( compatible with your system
- [Download]( and edit the configuration file
- Launch the database migration with ``sacrebleu-dns -sqlmigrate -config [config path].ini``
- [Download]( and edit the systemd service and put it in ``/lib/systemd/system/``
- Start the service ``systemctl start sacrebleu-dns``
## Arguments
You can show theses informations using ``./sacrebleu-dns -h``.
-config string
the patch to the config file (default "extra/config.ini.example")
initialize / migrate the database
## Configuration
Variables names are case sensitives.
|Variable name|Type|Example|Informations|
| app_mode | string|``"production"``|Anything different than ``production`` will show debug messages
| App | Section |
|IP|string|``":"``|IP address on which the DNS server must listen. Blank to listen on all IPs
|Port|int|``5353``|Port on which the DNS server must listen
|Logfile|bool|``true``|Enable or disable file logs.
|Logdir|string|``/var/log``|Log file directory.
|Type|string|``"postgresql"``|SQL Database type. ``"postgresql"`` or ``"mysql"`` (anything different than ``"postgresql"`` will rollback to ``"mysql"``)
|Host|string|``""`` ``"/var/run/postgres"``|Can be either an IP or a path to a socket for Postgres
|Username|string|``"sacrebleu"``|SQL Database Username
|Password|string|``"superSecretPassword"``|SQL Database Password (optional)
|Port|string|``"5432"``|SQL Database port (``"5432"`` for postgres or ``"3306"`` for MySQL by default)
|DB|string|``"sacrebleudatabase"``|SQL Database Name
|IP|string|``""``|Redis Database IP
|Password|string|``""``|Redis Database Password
|Port|int|``6379``|Redis Database port
|DB|int|``0``|Redis Database ID
|TTL|int|``10``|Redis Time To Live (in seconds)
|XfrIPs|[]string|``*,,``|Allowed IPs for XFR transfer (``*`` for any)
## What is working
- Read records (stricts & wildcard) from MySQL
- Read and write records (stricts & wildcard) in Redis
- Recursive wildcard for reverse DNS (IPv6 only)
- Generate dynamic reverse DNS (IPv6 only)
- Respond to all requested MySQL queries
## ToDo
- Recursive wildcard for reverse DNS (IPv4 part)
- Generate dynamic reverse DNS (IPv4 part)
- Unit tests
## License
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